Happy Tails Pet Spa Line

One line you might like is from HappyTails.  This Los Angeles-based company has created eco-friendly spa, grooming and wellness products for the modern dog.  You can learn more about their product line, promotional offers by visiting their website by clicking on any of the product links below



Comfy Dog
Price: 14.00
Oatmeal Shampoo for Dry & Itchy Skin

Sparkle and Shine Shampoo
Price: 14.00
Brightening Shampoo w/ Yogurt and Honey

Dry Dog Instant Clean
Price: 14.00
Spray on Bath Replacement with Yogurt & Honey

Ruff to Smooth
Price: 17.00
Detangling Leave in Condiitoner with Lavender & Chamomile

bowWOW Butter Balm
Price: 19.00
Quick Relief Soothing Treatment for Dry Cracked Noses & Paws

Dog Smog Remedy
Price: 14.00
Breath Freshener & Digestive Solution. Curtails Emissions from Both Ends

Fur Butter
Price: 19.00
Ultra Rich Deep Conditioning Treatment for Dry, Damaged or Long Coats

Fur Breeze- Citrus Vanilla
Price: 14.00
Aromatic Spa Mist. Freshens Body & Soul Between Groomings

Fur Breeze- Rosemary Peppermint
Price: 14.00
Aromatic Spa Mist. Freshens Body & Soul Between Groomings

Sleepy Time Tonic Herbal Elixir
Price: 13.00
Helps to calm down a nervous, anxious or overactive dog.

Healthy Skin Shiny Coat Herbal Elixir
Price: 13.00
Helps ro relieve itchy skin and restore luster to a dull coat. All Natural

Eye Pads
Price: 14.00
Gently helps to remove tearstains and clean a grubbly muzzle

Price: 22.00
This all natural powder helps to Strengthen your dog’s immune system and to prevent tearstains. 60 doses

Price: 33.00
An all-natural program that works both internally and externally to clear away tearstains and helps prevent them from returning. Contains Eye Pads and Eyemunity

Bubbles ‘n Beads Shampoo & Conditioner
Price: 17.00
A fusion of botanicals and humectants that deliver targeted nutrients directly to dry & irritated skin.
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