Novice Approach to Going Green with Your Pet

In honor of Earth Day here are a few tips you can easily incorporate into your life to become more environmentally aware. Not everyone embraces the green life 100% and that’s fine. These tips are easy for the average person to do. Just ADD one of these changes into your pet routine + ask a friend to do the same. It all starts with one person.

City Pet Owners– Stop using plastic grocery bags to pick up dogs waste. Plastic bags do not breakdown and only add to our polluted earth. Switch to Biodegradable poppy waste bags. 

Four Paws Biodegradable Doggie Doo Bags 25 Count for Dogs

Switch from grocery store treats to holistic- organic treats. Dogs treats made from antibiotic free, free range animal meat sources, natural produce ingredients…do the ingredients in your doggies biscuit come from the earth?

Homeowners with backyards– Plant a Tree for your pet to lay under for many summer days to come. Earthborn Holistic UPC for Trees program will plant a tree when you purchase products

Spring Clean Your Dog-Try a biodegradable and natural grooming product that’s gentle on our water system

Spring Clean Your Home donate gently used towels to local animal shelters

Recycle by Adopting from a crowded shelter vs. buying a pet.

Try a biodegradable kitty litter or switch to  biodegradable liner for your litter box.

Buy Bulk to cut down on package waste

Recycled Products Pet Bedding, Collars and toys made from recycled materials are just a few options.

Greener Pup Recycled Fill Pet Bed Rectangle X-Large Earth

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